World Map of My Route

World Map of My Route
Fall Semester 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sea Legs

We are sailing closer to Spain each day. My new passion is trip planning. The library has books for each port that we can check out and my roomy and I both brought a decent amount (whattup half-price books?!). Soo anyway, we booked a trip from Cadiz via train to Seville and then onto Barcelona by plane. It was only 135 Euros which was better than I anticipated for a round-trip. Another big group is traveling to Ibiza, but we decided against it since it seems to be a trip dedicated to overpriced cover fees and drunken nights.

Classes started yesterday and we’re pretty much just on the ship trying to entertain ourselves. Everything a person would normally do is 10x as fun because the waves rock you 24/7, even while you're trying to sleep at night. Let's just say Ping-Pong on the top deck is highly entertaining...and we play a lot of cards/apples to apples in massive groups. I feel like I'm getting my imagination back! We hardly drink ever bc its pretty strict, alcohol is really only available at dinner and on PUB NIGHTS and even then its a 5drink limit of beer/wine and its $3.50per glass, so I’ve only had one glass of Red La Terre.

The boat is made up of such a diverse mix, which I really appreciate. We met these boys from Mexico City who are hilarious. They were trying to teach us phrases for Spain. I learned the word “pedo”, meaning “to fart” which is supposedly substituted for most everything making phrases like “are you drunk → are you fart” or “what’s up → what’s fart” haha. I’ve also founded a co-ed “tanning club”, we meet daily between classes to fight global warming by soaking the UV-Rays into our own skin. Lemme tell you, self-sacrifice is not an easy thing!

My classes thus far are SO interesting. I am taking: Sustainable Communities, Social Issues of the Contemporary World, Global Studies (which everyone is required to take), World Poetry (obsessed), and Poverty and Economic development. I feel like this is an ideal schedule to expose me to new studies and prepare me further for the PeaceCorps.

BBM- mypin: 3229A752
*I can be reached at either of these most anytime, free of charge!

In closing I’ll leave you with a little excerpt from a poem I discovered this afternoon, it perfectly describes my experience thus far:

Here is a coast; Here is a harbor;
here after a meager diet of horizon,
is some scenery.
-Elizabeth Bishop


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  2. Hey Air- you are fast approaching Spain. I am exited to hear how your 2nd stop measures up. Have fun in Barcelona. (will laugh daily with my picture of you there) Have fun soak it all in and be safe.

  3. "This post has been removed by blog admin" bahahha! M baby you have no discretion and I love it/you xxooxo